Discover the Latest Research and Application of Remote Viewing with Experts from
The International Remote Viewing Association


There are subtle signals underlying our noisy daily lives―signals that inspiration and intuition can draw us to see, hear, or sense. Remote viewing is a novel perceptual discipline for perceiving those signals, for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses.

Used extensively by “psychic spies” for classified military projects, remote viewing has a long history both as an intelligence gathering tool and as the subject of research and applications in the civilian world.

The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) was organized in 1999 by select scientists and practitioners, in conjunction with the first professional conference on remote viewing. Today IRVA is the authority for evaluating the discipline of remote viewing, encouraging scientifically sound research, proposing ethical standards, and providing educational information to promote the responsible use and development of this fascinating ability.

Join leading experts in the field of remote viewing for this special conference, where you:

  • Explore the history of remote viewing and its precursors
  • Learn the basic skills of remote viewing and practice them
  • Delve into scientific research and data, such as a recent study on targets in psychic (psi) research and judging protocol
  • Explore how consciousness plays a role in remote viewing and how to understand it
  • Hear the story of the Nevada remote viewing team led by Dr. Angela Thompson Smith that decoded the Nuraghi of Sardinia
  • Use remote viewing skills to uncover solutions to your own dilemmas or search for the path to happiness and greater fulfillment

Everyone from first-time remote viewers to professionals will find something intriguing and applicable in this annual conference.


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IRVA Conference:  Admission is $295 ($265 with 10% membership discount).

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Conference Live Streaming

Unable to join us in person? You can attend the conference in real-time though our conference live-stream!  Registration is only $99.

  • The live-stream will run September 10th (9am-5pm EDT), 11th (9am-5pm EDT) and 12th (9am-12pm EDT).
  • Streaming will include all scheduled talks, but not the evening social event.
  • A few days after the conference, live-stream registrants will be granted access to recordings of the talk live-streams, which will be available online for 14 days.

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Bill Ray

Master of Ceremonies

Bill Ray

Bill Ray, is a former Commander of the Fort Meade Remote Viewing Unit and one of the five military viewers trained by the co-creator of Coordinate Remote Viewing, Ingo Swann. Bill spent over three and one half years with the Fort Meade Unit and has spent approximately eleven and one half years involved with Remote Viewing.

Back by popular demand, Bill has been the Master of Ceremonies for last six IRVA-sponsored live conferences.

What is Remote Viewing?

With Paul H. Smith

This introductory workshop is for those unfamiliar or only newly acquainted with remote viewing. For them as well as others who may be interested, “What is Remote Viewing?” is a two-hour presentation and audience participation workshop featuring former Star Gate military remote viewer and past president of the International Remote Viewing Association, Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. (Major, US Army, ret.).

Paul H. SMith
Lori Williams

Asking the Right Question: The Key to Accurate Results

With Lori Lambert Williams

How can we use our remote viewing skills to uncover solutions to our own dilemmas or search for the path to happiness and greater fulfillment? In this fun, interactive presentation Lori Lambert Williams, author of Boundless: Your How-To Guide to Practical Remote Viewing, you’ll learn how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of your life’s purpose and set up a solid foundation for uncovering the answers you need.

Extended Remote Viewing From the Field

With Bill Ray and Pam Coronado

Extended remote viewing (ERV) and controlled remote viewing (CRV) are both tools for tapping into the potential of the human mind, but each is performed differently. Join Bill Ray, a monitor in the military’s Stargate unit where he has facilitated ERV sessions, and Pam Coronado, star of Discovery Channel’s Sensing Murder who uses ERV in her work as a missing persons detective, to investigate, “What is ERV and how is it different than CRV?”

Bill Ray
Pam Coronado
Elly Molina

The Importance of Psychic Development (Remote Viewing) in Education and Why It Matters

With Elly Molina

During this presentation I will demonstrate the remarkable ease with which young children can remote view and access their natural psychic abilities. We will discuss how cultivating these natural abilities enhances concentration, focus, conscious awareness and emotional intelligence. For years we’ve heard educators and well meaning parents tell children to “focus” and “concentrate”, yet we are Masters of distraction. We will look at the benefits of a program, such as psi-kids, in an educational setting and the pronounced effect this work could have on their adult lives. I have followed the path of children who began this work with me in 2009, at the age of 10-12 and we will discuss how they have continued to utilize it today. We will look at the profound benefits this work can have on the future of remote viewing and its place in education.
Audience participation for some exercises.

Phonetics: Discovering CRV Stage Seven

With Thomas McNear

Thomas (Tom) McNear, Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (retired) was an original member of the Army’s Star Gate psychic spying program. He was personally trained by Ingo Swann in Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Stages 1-6, and was the only member Swann trained past Stage-3. Although there was no training for phonetic signals – sounds that are analytically relevant to the site – phonetics spontaneously presented in McNear’s training allowing him to name at least six sites by name. Swann decided to call these phonetic signals Stage-7. In his meticulously documented presentation, McNear will take conference attendees through the stage 1-6 training sessions that led up to the production of Stage-7 phonetics. He will discuss what Stage-7 signals are and aren’t, and he will propose possible training techniques for Stage-7 phonetics.

Tom McNear
Paul H. SMith

Confusion in the Ranks: Remote Viewing and Consciousness

With Paul H. Smith

Consciousness plays a major role in remote viewing―perhaps THE major role. And our misunderstandings about what consciousness is and how it works can get in the way of remote viewing success. Paul H. Smith, who served for seven years in the U.S. government’s remote viewing program at Fort Meade, Maryland, leads us in a discussion of what consciousness is, what it isn’t, and how to understand it in a way that can help us get more in touch with our underlying abilities.

Decoding the Nuraghi of Sardinia

With Angela Thompson Smith

Angela Thompson Smith, founder of the Nevada Remote Viewing Group, reveals the secrets of a special type of defensive structure known as Nuraghi, originally developed on the island of Sardinia.

Documentary filmmaker Regina Meredith and Gaia TV sought information from the Nevada Remote Viewing Group on these circular defensive towers, which take the form of truncated cones built of dressed stone. After three “blind” remote viewing sessions, the group provided data, sketches, clay models, and information that helped to describe the formations, the builders, and uses of the Nuraghi of Sardinia. Angela presents these findings―now documented in Gaia’s 3-part documentary, Evidence of Giants in Sardinia, Italy―directly to you.

NOTE: Angela’s talk will be pre-recorded, but she will connect with us for a live Q&A, afterward.

angela thompson smith
Patty Gallagher

Time and Remote Influencing, Developing Protocol and Methods

With Patty Gallagher

Patty Gallagher, founder of Signal Line Remote Viewers, presents a study of the remote viewing template as a vehicle to influence future behavior and events. You learn about the background, process, and development of the study, the tailoring of the targeting/tasking, and a template to improve protocol and methods for intention work and focus on the techniques of remote influencing.

Mars Through the Eyes of Science and Remote Viewing

With Thomas McNear

It was June 1984 when Ingo Swann and his psychic team remote viewed the planet Mars, and Tom McNear was viewer number two on his team. Recently discovered documents written by Swann reveal even more, and since then others have viewed Mars with surprisingly similar results.

What do remote viewers say about structures on Mars? What do they say about the possible existence of a human-like civilization? Tom will discuss the perceptions of the viewers, how they correlate, and how they compare to what scientists believe is true about possible life on Mars.

Tom McNear
Nancy McLaughlin-Walter

Research into Altered-State Consciousness via Electroencephalography

With Nancy McLaughlin-Walter

Nancy will be presenting the combined work of Dr. Ross Dunseath with The Division of Perceptual Studies at University of Virginia. Through the Discovery Mind Mirror program conducted at the Monroe Institute two channel electroencephalography data was collected during subjects altered states of consciousness during remote viewing targeting and out of body attempts. The data from three separate program times with over 100 trials on more than 50 subjects have been cleaned and analyzed. A summary of the data analysis results will be presented along with anecdotal information regarding some of the exceptional subjects.

NOTE: Speaker lineup subject to change without notice.


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