Guest Speaker: Patricia S. Cyrus

Latest work on precognition and AI with Daniel P. Sheehan, University of San Diego.  See video link.  

Neurosciences Needs a Revolution to Understand Consciousness!

The Science of Consciousness and CIHS | Encinitas, CA | August 18-20, 2023

It Does Not Compute:  Experimental Evidence for the non-Algorithmic Nature of Human Consciousness

Daniel P. Sheehan, Patricia S. Cyrus, University of San Diego

Last study with Dale Graff:

Perceiving the future news:  Evidence for retrocausation

Dale E. Graff, Patricia S. Cyrus, Quantum Retrocausation III Conference | University of San Diego, San Diego, CA | June 2016

We will also be sharing research ideas and projects.

If you have any interest in remote viewing research at all, please join us via zoom!

You can find the link here:

Hope to see you soon!

Debra, IRVA Pres, IRU co-founder