The Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS), in collaboration with Damon Abraham PhD, is developing an open-source database of images for use in Remote Viewing research and applications as well as parapsychological and traditional psychological research. To develop the database, we are collecting individual’s ratings of visual images along 6 dimensions of experience.

In this task, you will be asked to complete an online survey that involves viewing photographic images and making several ratings for each. The task will be conducted online and should take about an hour to complete, but feel free to take as much time as you need. By following the link below, you will be directed to an online consent form. After providing your consent, you will be given a brief survey of your demographic information and will watch the instructional video. Following the instructions, you will be automatically directed to the study where you will rate the images.

We ask that you please pay careful attention to the instructional video. Finally, we ask that you please read each question carefully and make your ratings to the best of your ability, without relying too much on your prior experience (if any) with Remote Viewing or other similar activities.

To Begin participating now (or when you are ready) and start on the survey click here:

If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch with Dr. Abraham here: