Personality Profiles Workshop Series – Six Session Series for new and returning students

Tue Jan 162024 – Tue Feb 202024

Online, Zoom


This exciting and fun class is for both new students to Patty’s personality profiles class and returning/previous students who would like to sharpen their skills. Students should be experienced in any form of traditional remote viewing, and should feel they want to explore their ability to form a strong connection to a target subject.

Class starts January 16, 2024 and runs through thru February 13, 2024. Class will take place online, via zoom, across five Tuesdays, for two hours per class. 

Patty Gallagher is offering a 6 week workshop where using approaches used in the former U.S. governmental operational remote viewing program, student will learn how to access information about person’s of interest through use of their intuitive perceptual abilities.

Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to do one personality profile per weekly class. Emphasis will be on data gathering in the personality profile format, background of this particular aspect of remote viewing and feedback analysis.

This course is $110 for IRVA members and $150 for nonmembers. To register to become an IRVA member, please visit

Students will receive a zoom link a week before classes begin.


Instructor’s Biography: 

Patty Gallagher holds a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and has worked in clinical settings with both outpatient and hospitalized developmentally disabled adults. She later turned to an art career and was trained at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

She established Signal Line Remote Viewers in 2000, and publishes an online RV education page and monitors an online weekly target practice group. She was featured in Eight Martini’s Magazine Vol. 14 “Trainers”.

Patty Gallagher is a remote viewer, artist and R/V trainer, who has presented “Time and Remote Influencing” at the 2021 IRVA conference, and “Personality Profiles” at the 2022 IRVA conference.

She is currently serving on the IRVA board of directors and running various social media outlets.
Her recent areas of study include the connection between remote viewing and remote influencing and utilizing remote viewing for psychological profiling. 

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