Lyn Buchanan IRVA is pleased to announce the inaugural winner of the Lyn Buchanan Grant, Christopher Senn. Chris is pursuing his PhD at Rice University in Houston, TX, and his dissertation entitled “Secularized Spirituality: Parapsychology, Postmodern Magic, and the Scientization of Religion” will include an examination of the Stargate program and the current state of Remote Viewing. Chris is a Graduate Archival Assistant at the Rice University Woodson Research Center for Special Collections, where he has been processing the papers of Stargate researcher, Edwin C. May. As the winner of the Lyn Buchanan Grant, Chris will receive full reimbursement of his travel expenses to the 2020 IRVA conference, up to $1500.

Because IRVA received so many strong applications for the Lyn Buchanan Grant this year, our donor generously increased her donation to allow additional travel reimbursement grants of $500 each to two very strong runner-up candidates (in no particular order). Esteban Burgos is an undergraduate Philosophy major at the University of Florida and is interested in technology policy as it pertains to governmental and societal responses to developments in anomalous research. Kirsten Cameron is pursuing her PhD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Kirsten is interested in the relationship between trauma and Remote Viewing ability.

The IRVA Grants Team would like to thank all the students who applied for the Lyn Buchanan Grant. It was wonderful to read through the essays and to see so much enthusiasm from so many bright and talented scholars from across the globe! We hope that each of you will join us at IRVA’s 2020 conference, where we know you will make meaningful connections and learn valuable new things to aid you in your journey of discovery moving forward.

The Lyn Buchanan Grant is named in honor of Leonard (“Lyn”) Buchanan, one of the founding members of IRVA, former member and trainer of the U.S. Army’s Remote Viewing unit at Ft. Meade, author of The Seventh Sense, and teacher of civilian remote-viewing students for over 20 years and counting. In furtherance of IRVA’s mission to promote education and research in the field of Remote Viewing, the Lyn Buchanan Grant is intended to foster relationships between the Remote Viewing community and the next generation of scholars and researchers. The Lyn Buchanan Grant is made possible by a donation from Gail Husick of the Husick Group LLC, which offers professional remote-viewing services to individual, business, government, and law-enforcement clients.

Thank you again, from all of us at IRVA. We hope to see you all at the conference in Las Vegas on March 20-22!

The IRVA Grants Team