IRVA Sponsors IRIS International Remote Viewing Conference

IRVA and IRIS Intuition Consulting welcome you for two exciting days on Remote Viewing: March 12 & 13, 2011

Sponsored by the International Remote Viewing Association, the IRIS organized Remote Viewing Conference will be a unique European event with a day of lectures by world-renowned specialists and films never-yet released in France, followed by a day of workshops.

This conference, the first of its kind ever held in France, will explore a laboratory technique that has become an international movement -- Remote Viewing, a learnable skill allowing you to obtain objectively verifiable information you could not know only using your normal senses. The conference presents the scientific evidence, and six workshops allow you to directly experience this part of yourself.

The conference is open to the public and will be held in the easily accessed and quality venue of the Novotel Paris Est. The conference will feature simultaneous translations from English to French, and from French to English.

Dr. Alexis Champion Paul OŐConnor Dr. Dominique Surel Alexis Tournier Dr. Jacques F. VallŽe Stephan A. Schwartz Dr. Paul H. Smith Russell Targ

Experience lectures and workshops with some of the most world-renowned RV specialists. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the participants: Dr. Alexis Champion, Paul O'Connor, Dr. Dominique Surel, Alexis Tournier, Dr. Jacques F. Vallee, and IRVA Directors Stephan A. Schwartz, Dr. Paul H. Smith, and Russell Targ, who will share with you their experiences and different approaches to Remote Viewing

IRIS Intuition Consulting, a French pioneer in Remote Viewing consulting and applied RV training, is professionally and internationally recognized. IRVA and IRIS are promoting this conference as an opportunity to introduce Remote Viewing to all who are interested.

Significant discounts are available to current IRVA members by registering prior to February 28, 2011. Registration fees for Day-1 start at 50 € for IRVA members, and 50 € (half day) or 100 € (full day) for Day-2 workshops.

For complete information including, Schedule, Lodging, and Online Registration, please visit the Conference Website or download the Conference Brochure.