IRVA Director William F. Higgins To Be Honored

William F. Higgins The Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina is pleased to announce presentation of the first J.B. and Louisa Rhine Distinguished Service Award to William F. Higgins, a tribute to his extraordinary support of the Center's research into the fundamental nature of human consciousness. The award will be presented at a Benefit Concert on Friday evening, February 4, 2011, in the Nelson Music Room on the Duke University Campus.

The concert will be a recital of American music, including music by George Gershwin, Morton Gould, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Scott Joplin. It will feature two local musicians, Katherine Kaufman Posner, whose soprano voice was called at the Metropolitan Opera, one of the greatest voices of her generation, and Jerry Posner who has been called a "powerhouse violinist," and several others outstanding musicians.

Mr. Higgins, who virtually saved the Rhine from financial disaster, is the CEO of the real estate investment firm Higgins Group LLC in New Jersey. He is a retired naval captain and former FBI agent whose distinguished military career included service in Seoul, Korea and active duty in the first Gulf War Desert Storm. Mr. Higgins' long interest in Psi and human consciousness studies began during his years at the Naval Academy and led to his involvement and support of the PEAR Laboratory at Princeton and the Rhine Research Center in Durham, as well as his own personal work with remote viewing.

For this special occasion, we at the Rhine Research Center are creating a commemorative tribute book and concert program in Bill's honor. For those of you who know and respect Bill as we do, and for those of you who wish to financially support the Rhine Research Center, we are offering an opportunity for you to participate by becoming a sponsor of this event, purchasing tickets to the event, or purchasing advertising in the commemorative tribute book and concert program. Your sponsorship may be in the form of a personal congratulatory message for Bill, a message of support for the Rhine Research Center, or take the form of a business advertisement. For information on how to contribute to this endeavor, please contact Jerry Posner, Director of Development. His email address is:

The Rhine Research Center is an integrative center for the study of consciousness. It is a hub for ground-breaking research exploring the boundaries of human consciousness and reality. The Center studies human potential in the form of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, remote viewing, and other inherent capacities of human nature. This research has been carried out for more than 70 years and has made scientifically significant progress replicated in laboratories in the U.S. and abroad.