We decided to postpone September’s IRVA Research Unit’s Creative Team Meeting (we usually meet once a month the first Sunday of the month) since it would fall on Labor Day weekend and the Conference is then just a week away. Therefore we will meet back up on Sunday October 3 at 2 pm PDT to discuss project ideas and development (informal and formal). 

If you’ve been to IRU meetings before please join us and also if you’ve never been, whether you are new or very experienced in research, you are most welcome!  We always have lively discussions about remote viewing topics. Our members have a variety of projects now in the works. While there is usually room in our schedule (we go for two hours)  to just spontaneously share ideas, if you want to make sure you can share your idea, proposal, what ever stage, to get feedback or help, do contact Jenifer Prather who will put you on the agenda. Her email is: jeniferprather23@gmail.com.

For more info on IRU, and also where you can find the zoom link (its the same each meeting, visit:


CONFERENCE IRU GET TOGETHER – At the conference, we will try to arrange to have an IRU get together one day, perhaps who ever is interested could all gather in the lunch or dinner area or an after hours meeting. We’ll announce that at the meeting as it will be more of an informal spontaneous gathering. 

LIVESTREAMING 2021 IRVA CONFERENCE  – Just a reminder that the conference will be lived streamed: Here is the direct link: 


Do let me know if you have any questions about anything!


IRVA Board of Directors

IRU Co-Director with Dale Graff