We’re excited to announce a significant update to the benefits enjoyed by IRVA members at all levels.  These changes take effect immediately.  The full set can be reviewed in detail at /shop/join … but here are some of the key changes:

  • In keeping with our mandate to promote accurate information about remote viewing both to our members and to the world at large, the Board has decided to release *all* back issues of Aperture into the public domain, and new issues (one of which will be coming out very soon) will be similarly available.  The entire set is now available at /library/aperture   For the print-copy fans, it is still possible to order physical copies via MagCloud.
  • The members-only access to our video library of past conference talks has been expanded for all membership levels:
    • Associates and Students can freely access all but the most recent three conference years
    • Tasker level have free access to all but the most recent conference year
    • Sustainer & Lifetime members have full access to the entire library, including the current year.
  • All membership levels will have access to a new series of IRVA “virtual education” programs.  More on this, soon.
  • Tasker level and above will receive invitations to exclusive Q&A Sessions with remote viewing luminaries.
  • Sustainer & Lifetime members will receive complimentary access to livestreams of conference videos (when available).
  • Although all members receive a 10% discount on conference registration, after 2021’s gathering, these discounts will increase to 15% for Taskers, 20% for Sustainers, and 25% for Lifetime members!  (due to logistical constraints, the full rollout of these has to wait for 2022).

If you’re not a member, we invite you to join us!