While we have filled several positions, we still have the following open:

Title: Director of IRVA Education Program (IRVA ED)
Job Description: This is a leadership position in which the volunteer will help IRVA directors oversee the newly established IRVA Education program. Duties include program and course development, communications with instructors, coordination of schedules, publicizing events (through coordination with IRVA publicity managers, etc. Also come up with creative ways to keep IRVA student members engaged.

Qualifications: Someone who has the time, enthusiasm, creativity and works very well with others. Strong organization and communication skills are needed.  Its important that this person isn’t there to just support a single instructor, but to have the attitude that the more diverse our educators/lecturers/presenters are the more effective and useful the program will be.

Title: Content Creation Manager
Job Description: Create content for various events in whatever format is needed. For example, ads and announcements are needed for email blasts, Facebook, Instagram. The content manager would be contacted when something is needed by the IRVA board or others helping out and then create an image that could then be resized to fit that particular platform.  

Qualifications:  The Content Creation manager is someone who should already have at least a some understanding of graphic design. While you don’t have to be highly experienced, you should have an ability to create effective and ascetically pleasing, professional looking materials and should understand how to create and resize images in different formats as needed. IRVA can provide necessary platform for image creation, or the volunteer can use their own. The content creation manager should be available to create content on a bimonthly basis.

Title: Instagram Manager
Job Description: Manage IRVA’s Instagram Account.

Experience: person needs to have a decent understanding of Instagram in terms of effective marketing strategies. Person needs to be available to post on a weekly basis. They will work with the content creator but ideally would also be able to create some relevant content themselves. This is a good position for someone who already has an active Instagram account and likes the idea of assisting in a very focused way. 

Title: Manage IRVA’s TikTok account.
Job Description: TikTok manager needs to have a decent understanding of TikTok in terms of effective marketing strategies. They will create a new IRVA TikTok page, manage, update it on a regular basis, at least weekly. They should have editing capabilities and equipment so they could make use of existing video footage, or get together with other IRVA members to make appropriate content. There will be much room for creativity, but also it will be important to be conservative/diplomatic in terms of choices made.  This is a good position for someone who already has a successful TiKTok page and likes assisting in a focused way.

All positions are volunteer.

  • Help the organization
  • Help the field of remote viewing and remote viewers
  • Give you work experience that can go on a resume.
  • Work with our Social Media Coordinator and attend a monthly meeting.
  • The Board of directors will be happy to write letters of recommendation for those who are in their positions for 6 months or longer.
  • Free membership after 3 months of helping for as long as the volunteer continues in their position.
  • Other perks after a volunteer has been assisting for a year or longer to be determined.
  • Consideration for an invite to serve in future IRVA positions.


  • Fill out the attached IRVA Volunteer Application
  • Attach your resume

Volunteers will be asked to sign a volunteer participation agreement for the organization.