Lyn Buchanan

The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) is now accepting applications from undergraduate and graduate students for the Lyn Buchanan Grant in connection with the IRVA Conference to be held in Las Vegas on March 20-22, 2020. Full-time undergraduate and graduate students from all academic disciplines, including but not limited to Psychology, Philosophy, Engineering, Physics, and Religion, are encouraged to apply for the Lyn Buchanan Grant.

The 2020 Lyn Buchanan Grant provides up to $1,500 in direct payment or reimbursed expenses, including:

  • Coach-class airfare or equivalent travel to/from Las Vegas
  • Accommodations at the Las Vegas South Point Hotel for 3 nights
  • Ticket to IRVA 2020 conference banquet
  • Meal allowance ($60 per day for 3 days)
  • Full IRVA 2020 conference registration fee*
  • One-year IRVA membership, including subscription to Aperture magazine*


* The conference registration fee and one-year membership fee will be waived by IRVA, and will not count against the grant limit of $1500.