The 2021 Remote Viewing Conference, sponsored by the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), seeks to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of remote viewing. In particular, but not exclusively, our aim is to
enrich the issues and contribute to the understanding of remote viewing with empirical research and an encompassing perspective.

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We solicit your finest submissions in any area that explores issues relevant to remote viewing or related fields. Appropriate topics include remote viewing history, philosophy, theory, practice, research and training techniques, etc.
However, innovative contributions that do not fit into these criteria will also be considered since they may be of interest to conference attendees. Acceptance will be based primarily on significance and quality of contribution. IRVA
encourages our speakers to be original, and special consideration will be given to presentation of new ideas or material, as well as new presenters.

If you are uncertain as to what remote viewing is, please visit the IRVA Remote Viewing Library.

The conference program consists of presentations in 30, 60 or 90-minute increments. Time limits will be enforced, so please be sure your presentation is accurately timed:

Presentation (30 minute time block): Presentations should continue for 15-20 minutes, allowing time for a 10-minute question and answer period.

Presentation (60 minute time block): Presentations should continue for 25 to 30 minutes, allowing time for a 15-minute question and answer period. Most of the available time slots are 1 hour. You will increase your chances for
acceptance by applying for this category.

Presentation (90 minute time block): Presentations should continue for 45 to 60 minutes, allowing time for a 15-minute question and answer period. Please include a justification as to why you need extra time to cover your topic. Only
presentations that clearly require the 90 minute block and clearly merit that time will be accepted. This presentation slot cannot be shared with another presenter.

All proposals should be submitted electronically (in PDF if possible, MS Word otherwise) and are not to exceed 2 pages in length (or email equivalent). To encourage broad participation, the conference committee discourages multiple
appearances by the same individual on the program. Submissions must include the following:

A short title that captures the premise of the presentation:

A two or three sentence statement outlining the goal of the presentation. Please keep in mind that this will be the description of your presentation in the conference program.

A brief narrative or abstract of the proposed presentation or workshop, and how it relates to remote viewing. Include the approximate time required for your presentation.

A brief description of your background (approximately 20 words) and recent hi- resolution photo (300 dpi preferred) for the conference program.

Please provide in addition a longer bio or CV focusing on education and/or qualifications that are relevant to your presentation for our conference website. Your longer bio or CV can be submitted by email.

Presenter’s contact information must include name, mailing address, phone and e- mail address.

Workshops must be well thought out and organized. If you intend to include audience participation in your presentation you must notify IRVA in advance.


Proposals must be submitted to the Conference Committee through Pam Coronado no later than October 31, 2020, at

In the past, the number of proposals recommended for acceptance has exceeded the number of available slots in the IRVA program. Unfortunately, even if submissions meet the conference criteria, no guarantee can be made concerning whether
a proposal will be accepted. All submissions, except invited talks, are subject to review and final determination by the Conference Committee. Presentations cannot be changed after final acceptance without the express permission of the
Conference Committee. The Notification of Acceptance is November 15, 2020.

Within the bounds of good order, audience members are free to pose questions and voice objections or approval after a presentation. Please be prepared to field this commentary with appropriate decorum.

NOTE: Acceptance of a proposal does not constitute endorsement of the presenter’s opinions by IRVA or the IRVA Conference.

The conference standard for presentation graphics is Microsoft PowerPoint. Any images, charts, graphs, etc., that you wish to incorporate into your presentation must be in the form of PowerPoint slides. Your final PowerPoint submission
must be received by IRVA no later than Sept 1, 2021. Due to PowerPoint presenter problems in the past, this date is not negotiable.

The attached Speaker Release Form must accompany each response to the Call for Papers. The form grants the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) and its agents, designees or representatives permission to record your
presentation(s) by any means and to take photographs during your participation in connection with the events at the International Remote Viewing Association Conference, September 9-12 2021, at The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY. No
abstract will be approved without a signed Speaker Release Form.

Any filming or audio recording by presenters and/or attendees of the proceedings of the International Remote Viewing Association conference is strictly prohibited, whether by video, film, audio tape or digital audio or any other
recording or reproduction mechanism. Press or media representatives must obtain specific permissions to be granted an exception to this policy. Please contact IRVA media liaison, Mr. John Cook.

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2020 Notification of Acceptance: November 15, 2020 Final PowerPoint Submission: September 1, 2021

Conference Committee
John Cook, IRVA President, Conference Coordinator and Board Member

Pam Coronado, IRVA Vice President

Nancy Smith, Board Member

Debra Katz, Board Member

Copyright 2020, The International Remote Viewing Association

This document may be copied and/or forwarded without permission ONLY in its entirety.

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