the 4 Gifts 3 -D and Scalar – 6 week class series with Coral Carte

Sun Feb 42024 – Sun Mar 102024

Online, Zoom


Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Stage 6 Advanced: the 4 Gifts – 3D and Scalar – when magic manifests!

Starts Feb 4, Sundays 9 am to 11 am PDT. Goes for 6 weeks.

Welcome back to the extraordinary journey of Controlled Remote Viewing!

Prerequisite: Students who have taken any intermediate CRV Course or derivative, with Coral or any other instructor. Also for those who have already taken advanced but would like a refresher or a new perspective. 

This course is about utilizing your intuitive abilities in relation to: Consciousness, Perception, Awareness, Connection

Consciousness is defined as a state of awareness, of being aware of our surroundings and of what is external to ourselves.

Perception is the raw reception of information via neurological capabilities and psychic perception

Awareness is described as the state or ability to perceive, to feel, to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns.

Connection is the ability to be able to feel and perceive by connecting to someone or something else.

The CRV Advanced course is structured to refine your Intermediate CRV foundation and introduce Phase 6 tools. Each week is designed to enhance your remote viewing skills, covering scalar determinations, detailed physical attributes, 3-dimensional perceptions, temporal connections, and advanced conceptual explorations. The course integrates hands-on activities and tools, such as modeling clay, to deepen your insights. With a strong focus on maintaining a clean viewing process, the program concludes with mastery in detailed drawing and mapping techniques. This is a practical journey which starts with a comprehensive review of your knowledge, and then integrates advanced tools, and practical applications for precise and detailed remote viewing in both session work and everyday situations.


1: Foundation Mastery – CRV Knowledge Review and Phase 6 Introduction

Refine your Intermediate CRV foundation with a comprehensive review. Engage in analysis and assessment, setting the stage for the exploration of Phase 6 tools. Uncover their power for detailed sessions and real-life applications, addressing alpha-numeric deficiencies with precision.

2: Decoding Scalar Dimensions

Delve into the advanced understanding of scalar determinations, unraveling the social constructs of distance and value. Emphasize precision in reporting and learn methods to break down complex tasks into manageable steps.

3: Proficiency in Detailed Attributes

Harness momentum from the revision week to acquire advanced methods for extracting intricate details from target sites. Synergize previously learned skills, empowering precision in handling complex tasks with expertise.

4: Sculpting Perception in 3-D

Immerse yourself in the art of 3-dimensional perception. Introduce the ability to “perceive in 3-D” through clay modeling. Hone advanced site perception skills, accessing even more detailed information. (Students required to acquire raw clay.)

5: Navigating Temporal Threads

Delve into advanced relationships in time and space. Introduce search methods for identifying intricate “thread” connections. Master specialized techniques for accurate reporting once identified.

6: Operational Transition and Professional-Level

Session Work Transition from CRV trainee to project team member. Explore Stage 6 tools, creating intricate drawings, sketches, and scalar measurements. Prepare for the Operational CRV Training Program, producing professional-level session work. Completion equips you for project team roles, elevating responsibilities to a professional level.

The course will be taught by Coral Carte, long time remote viewer, artist, and talented Instructor. 

Participants will be sent a Zoom link one week prior to class start date.