Letter of Invitation from Russell Targ
President Emeritus of IRVA

Russell Targ
Photo courtesy of Robert Knight

Dear Friends of Remote Viewing:

Perhaps once a generation an opportunity arises for people to participate in changing the world. The Board of Directors of the International Remote Viewing Association feel that all of us are on the verge of just such a change, and want to give you the chance to become co-contributers and colleagues in bringing it about. Through IRVA sponsored conferences, and through other events, classes, lectures, and workshops conducted independently by members of the IRVA Board of Directors and their associates, we are trying to shake the world awake to the possibilities of remote viewing and how it can and does expand our awareness of what humans truly are and of what they are capable.

If you want to become part of that effort, the International Remote Viewing Association needs you.

IRVA seeks to:

  • Support careful scientific investigation into the nature of remote viewing and other psi phenomena.
  • Publish notices of new scientific findings in RV research, as well as interesting anecdotes about both scientific and practical exploration of RV.
  • Examine remote viewing claims and results.
  • Disseminate news of the remote viewing community, of events happening near you and elsewhwere, and of developments in the world of remote viewing.
  • Stand as an advocate of remote viewing to the world.
  • Provide the most up-to-date information concerning remote viewing and related psi phenomena.

But we can't do any of these things without YOU, we invite you to become a member of the premier remote viewing association existing today, the International Remote Viewing Association. For the first time, we offer you the opportunity to lend a hand in promoting and improving remote viewing, to become one of a select group: Pioneers of the mind. Become one of those rare souls, people seeking to exchange an outmoded paradigm for a whole new way of being in the world.

Your paid membership will contribute to expanding efforts to put knowledge of remote viewing within reach of others who may never have heard of it. Your participation will help build towards a critical mass which, once reached, will spread new light and understanding of human nature to the Earth's four corners. Each new member adds strength to IRVA's worthy goals.

Best of all, you can be a part of all this for the low rate of only $45.00 a year. The benefits of a membership in IRVA include an annual subscription to the IRVA newsletter, Aperture. You will be among the first to hear the latest remote viewing developments, when "Aperture" brings you the latest news of the remote viewing community:  Updates on breakthrough research; articles on the art and practice of remote viewing; and fascinating anecdotes from remote viewing history. There will be book, webpage, and movie reviews, thought-provoking editorials, a feedback section for your letters to us, interviews with remote viewing personalities, thoughtful dialogues, abstracts of longer articles appearing in other publications, and much more.

But that isn't all! Members will also receive regular electronic updates and, in the future, access to a members-only section of the IRVA webpage.

What's more, IRVA members will receive a 10% discount on conference registration. That's worth the price of membership right there!

Please don't hesitate -- become a member of the International Remote Viewing Association. Join us today. There is a rich universe just waiting to be remote viewed.

Warmest regards,
Russell Targ
President Emeritus

PS: IRVA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the interests of remote viewing. Your tax-deductible donations to further the work would be greatly appreciated, and will be used to further the IRVA mission of conferences, scientific and operational research, public outreach, and dissemination of accurate and reliable information.