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CRV - the 4 Gifts, With Coral Carte

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CRV - the 4 Gifts

consciousness, perception, awareness, connection

Stages 1, 2 & 3

Consciousness is defined as a state of awareness, of being aware of our surroundings and of what is external to ourselves.

Perception is the raw reception of information via neurological capabilities and psychic perception

Awareness is described as the state or ability to perceive, to feel, to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns.

Connection is the ability to be able to feel and perceive by connecting to someone or something else.

In this 6 week course we will explore these gifts that learning CRV brings us and learn how to express them in ways that can be communicated with other people. The discipline of remote viewing is ineffable and marvelous, and yet remote viewing (RV) is about perceiving across time and space in order to acquire information about an object, event person or location and communicate this information efficiently.

1. Introduction and the 4 Gifts. In this module we will look at what Remote Viewings means, how humans have always done something like this and we will look at how CRV started. Then we will start exploring the 4 Gifts both theoretically and practically. We will start with practical exercises of perception and how to communicate our perceptions.

2. Receiving and Communicating. In this module we will concentrate on enhancing our ability to receive perceptions and how to report them clearly and efficiently. We will do practical exercises and drawing.

3. Exploring our psychic selves. We will learn about different ways to enhance these skills through Dreaming and Creativity and embodied magic. We’ll also do practical exercises.

4. Describe, don’t name. We will talk about the methods of using Gestalts and descriptors. There will be practical exercises and target practice.

5. Connection. How to create a connection, practical tips for getting into the zone, and getting in deeper. We’ll do target practice.

6. Site be damned, structure is everything. Revision and summary of previous lessons, how do you know when to move onto the next stage, set asides as a way of life. And more target practice.

"CRV has become slightly more varied with the second generation of viewers and trainers, modifying the structure to reflect their own personality and styles of viewing. The original military CRV is now known as the ex-military style and it is exactly the structure I have been using to view for the last 20 years. My further studies and additions have only served to enhance my psychic skills.

"My drawing skills after years of art studies were polished by doing and redoing the exercises in the only textbook that the military department had, which was Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain and this book is an integral part of the course.

"I teach a slightly more mystical enhanced, drawing heavy version of CRV. We will be starting right at the basics of CRV so even someone who has difficulty in believing that the mind is capable of such incredible feats will be able to learn to view and get a good structural base in CRV. For anyone who already knows how to view, the course will be a good revision with added content and discussion.

"We will be practicing viewing targets together and we will be doing homework.

"CRV if nothing else will help you to create a good structure for communicating with your subconscious thus allowing you to access the information you are looking for, whether it be a target or questions about your own personal life, it will help you to understand more about human consciousness, including your own, and help you to increase your perception and awareness of the seen and unseen world surrounding you." ~ Coral Carte


This course will begin on Sunday, February 19 and will be held from 9am-11am PST, once a week for 6 weeks. All classes will be recorded. Students will be given access to the IRVA ED Resource Site where everything relevant to this class will be posted and a private forum will be available to share experiences, ask questions and explore topics.

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Instructor's bio:

Coral Carte is a certified CRV Trainer, and accomplished professional operational remote viewer for 10 years, with a total of 20 years remote viewing experience. She has studied a variety of forms of remote viewing and other intuitive modalities including precognitive dreaming, divination and clairvoyance. She is an active member of several RV groups and clubs. She holds a M.A., in Interaction and a B.A. in Psychology, English, and Dramatic Arts. She incorporates her love for art therapy, body-based learning and embodied magic into her RV training and practice.

Born on the shores of the Indian Ocean in South Africa to mixed European parents, Coral moved to Italy after being awarded a scholarship from the Italian Foreign Ministry.

Contact: Lily at for any course related questions

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