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Intro to Rune Reading and History - the Paranormal Academy With Angela Thompson Smith

November 18, 2023

Online, Zoom


"Runes are ancient glyphs or symbols that were originally derived from simple Ogham or line writing. Runes were used as both a written language and a symbolic tool for divination purposes. Their knowledge was “lost in time” until the 17th century when runes were, once again studied. Each of the ancient cultures: Germanic, Viking, Danish, Gothic, Swedish, Anglo-Saxon, and Norwegian cultures developed unique sets of symbols or futhark that can be used by the modern student as tools to develop their intuitive abilities. In many cultures, rune-casting was a feminine skill, particularly in the northern countries of Europe. When the men were away at war, society was held together by the womenfolk. However, reading the runes is now considered a skill used by both men and women."

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith is an Englishwoman, born and raised in the Avalon counties of Somerset and Gloucester. Her life has been a continuous spiritual quest, first in the Christian tradition, then the study of Buddhist meditation, only to return to ancient pagan concepts. Rune casting has been an important part of her spiritual path. She encountered the runes in 1980, in England, and first learned a Saxon version. Five years later she purchased a commercial set of Viking stones and encountered the writings of Rune Master Ralph Blum. A few years later she learned the Goddess runes from Dr. Phyllis Atwater.


Each of the ancient cultures developed unique sets of rune symbols or futhark that can be used by the modern student as tools to develop their intuitive abilities. This course will introduce the student to rune symbols and, through examples and exercises, study their use as tools for intuitive work. All classes will be recorded so you won't miss anything!

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