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Intro to Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) - the Paranormal Academy With Angela Thompson Smith

September 16, 2023

Online, Zoom


"The Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) protocol was developed as a collaboration between Ingo Swann and Dr. Hal Puthoff. The CRV Protocol was taught by Ingo Swann to a military group at Fort Mead, MD, that eventually became the Star Gate Unit. The original group taught additional Unit members, and the protocol was ultimately documented by Dr. Paul H. Smith. This document was later posted online by P.J. Gaenir (Firedocs Collection) and then included in a book by Daz Smith. Daz’s book contained both the original CRV Manual, as well as another form written by Tom McNear.

CRV consists of a series of six Phases/Stages that progressively lead the Viewer into deeper target site contact. Throughout training and most applications projects, the Viewer is “blind”: that is they work from an alpha-numeric coordinate, a sort of numerical GPS, with no pre-knowledge of the target. The protocol is time and effort intensive but is considered the “gold standard” of RV."

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith was trained in CRV in the 1990s by two ex-Star Gate instructors: Dr. Paul H. Smith (RVIS) and Leonard “Lyn” Buchanan. Since then she has participated in many successful applications projects. Dr. Smith is also the Director of the Nevada Remote Viewing Group (NRVG) that has included Remote Viewers from around the World.


The goals of this Module are to present the Phases/Stages of CRV in a simplified manner so that the student understands the history and development of the process. The student will also have a sense of how ERV and other modalities fit within the CRV protocol. All classes will be recorded so you won't miss anything!

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