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Intro to Anomalous Communication (EXORV) - the Paranormal Academy With Angela Thompson Smith

June 17, 2023

Online, Zoom


"Researchers Tough and Wang, in 2006, noted that “Humans of all ages have a strong desire to communicate with others. Listening, talking, reading and writing are normal, natural human activities. Most human communication is with other humans. But people also experience some form of two-way communication with their cats and dogs and some people wish they could experience communication with an alien intelligence.”

It is clear, they write, that the desire for dialogue or communication with the other is a “common, normal, and natural human desire”. But is this even possible? Think of it this way. We would be walking the same path as the early seafaring and land explorers as we seek answers from some of our universal neighbors. It is an exciting journey of discovery!"

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith has explored these topics on many levels, personal and scientific. From 2003 to 2012, Dr. Smith worked with an innovative client who suggested they take a year out from their work to explore off-planet communication using a modified sociological method. The results formed the core of a book, co-written with Dr. C.B. Scott Jones, "Voices from the Cosmos." In 2001 Dr. Smith had also explored these topics from a personal perspective, writing "Diary of an Abduction." She also worked with Dr. C.B. Scott Jones exploring potential anomalous communication and possible contact experiences.


While this form of communication is highly controversial, this should not bar us from exploring this potentially rich field of information. Students will learn the history behind the topic, about researchers in the field, and the methods that are available. All classes will be recorded so you won't miss anything!

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