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Register to Attend the IRU Creative Team Meetings which are held the first Sunday of every month at 2 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern Time.

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The IRVA Research Unit (IRU) aims to provide a collaborative forum for all those interested in research and to support members in their project development.

The core of IRVA’s Research Unit initiative will be the regular monthly creative meetings for all those interested in research. All are encouraged to attend whether brand new to research or highly experienced. No degree, affiliation, or anything is required to take part except to be a current IRVA member. All members are welcome.

Attendees can share research ideas, get input from other members, form their own research teams, present, and discuss current RV-related research and get involved in each other's projects. Seasoned researchers who would care to share their expertise are very welcome.

If you'd like to learn more please visit IRU's webpage at:

If you'd like to get on our agenda in advance of the meeting to ensure you have a chance to discuss a particular project (at any stage from idea to write up) then please contact

Non-members are welcome to come to a meeting and then asked to become a full member if you'd like to continue to join us.

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TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION (Read article in advance of meeting - however, still come if you aren't able to read in advance!)

November 05: No Guest Speaker – Research Article Review & Sharing of Project Ideas

Please read the following article for discussion. : Escolà-Gascón, Á., Houran, J., Dagnall, N., Drinkwater, K., & Denovan, A. (2023). Follow-up on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) remote viewing experiments. Brain and behavior, 13(6), e3026.

Topic: CIA Remote Viewing l Quasi-Experimental

December 03: No Guest Speaker – Research Article Review

Citation: Wahbeh, H., Fry, N., Speirn, P., Hrnjic, L., Ancel, E., & Niebauer, E. (2021). Qualitative analysis of first-person accounts of noetic experiences. F1000Research, 10, 497.

Topic: Noetic Experiences l Qualitative