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Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing Course (Closed)

Multiple Dates and Times

Online, Zoom


Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing Course with Dr. Julia Mossbridge.

OPRV is a way of using remote viewing, performed with any method, to do precognitive operational work. Participants will be learning how to be good taskers, analyzers, and viewers within the precognitive operational context.

  • Who is this class for? For those who have had some previous remote viewing experience working with blind targets and already are trained or practiced enough in a modality to know how to complete a remote viewing transcript.
  • Course Fee: No Charge, but donations are VERY MUCH appreciated, especially given this is a long class.
  • Duration: Once a month 2-hour online gathering, with several homework assignments due between meetings. 
  • Participants should commit to being present for all classes.
  • When: 1st Wednesday morning l0am PST/1 pm EST of the month.
  • Where: Via IRVA Zoom Account.

Course Overview: Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing (OPRV) draws on all the skills of experienced viewers and more. As all targets are not known even by the tasker in the present, your capacity to receive useful information about the target from the future will be honed and tested by the discussions and homework assignments. Meanwhile, you will also be reminded of how to ethically retrieve accurate information about inner human motivations and plans of action relevant to the target, describe external physical and non-physical realities relevant to the target, and cleanly remove yourself from the target during and after viewing. We will work towards a group project solving an operational problem to be determined in the future.

Logistics: Introduction to Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing is a monthly 2-hour course offered to members by IRVA. Dr. Mossbridge and two assistants will support students (max: 40) via a monthly online 2-hour lecture/discussion and provide homework to hone their skills between the online meetings. Class meetings will begin in March 2022 and continue through August 2022.

Prerequisites: (Please read carefully and only register if you meet all requirements:

  • You are a registered and current IRVA member in good standing.
  • You have previous training in at least the first 3 steps of controlled remote viewing or equivalent (gestalts, descriptors, connecting more fully to the target). You understand the difference between remote viewing protocols and other psi-based protocols. 
  • You have completed remote viewing targets,  working in a blind manner.
  • You have a willingness to learn a new way to apply remote viewing and intuitive skills.
  • You intend to either attend all sessions or listen to the recordings, and do your best to submit all practice assignments.
  • Possess a willingness to do the relatively intense self-discovery/emotional/social work related to learning OPRV.

Note: Your progress will depend on your willingness and ability to complete your RV practice targets/assignments in a timely manner.

Instructor Bio: Dr. Mossbridge’s current interest is in the science underlying the physical and psychological applications of informational time travel. That is, receiving information in the present about events that have not yet occurred, and potentially influencing events in the past. She has spent 3 years as a remote viewer, remote viewing trainer (with John Vivanco and independently), and viewing tasker/team leader. She is an affiliate professor in the Dept. of Biophysics and Physics at the University of San Diego, a fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit TILT: The Institute for Love and Time, which currently receives funding from the Bial Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. An author and co-author of multiple books related to this topic, notably she is the co-author with Imants Baruss of Transcendent mind: Rethinking the science of consciousness (2017), one of the few of America Psychological Association’s textbooks to include evidence-based discussion about the human abilities of precognition and telepathy. Dr. Mossbridge also invented and patented Choice Compass, a physiologically based decision-making app, and was the project lead for and creator of the Loving AI project with Hanson Robotics’ humanoid robot, Sophia. She completed her Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders and her postdoc in Psychology at Northwestern University, her MA degree in Neuroscience is from UC San Francisco and was awarded her BA in Neuroscience with the highest honors from Oberlin College