IRVA 2007 Remote Viewing Conference

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Conference Presentations

Keynote and Invited Speakers:

Jacque Vallee Jacques F. Vallee, Ph.D.
Keynote Speaker:

Software of Consciousness:
Personal recollections from the early days of the remote viewing program

Abstract & Biography

George McMullen
George B. McMullen

Remote Viewing Artifacts:
Hands On Experience

Abstract & Biography

Distinguished Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Dick Allgire Dick Allgire
Master of Ceremonies

HRVG Methodology: An Overview

Abstract & Biography

Courtney Brown Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

Remote Viewing and the Displaced Target Phenomenon

Abstract & Biography

Lyn Buchanan Leonard (Lyn) Buchanan

The Setting of Standards

Abstract & Biography

PamCoronado Pam Coronado

Remote Viewing Crime

Abstract & Biography

Ed Dames Ed Dames

Case Studies in Applied Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Marty Rosenblatt Marty Rosenblatt

ARV - Investment Club Approach Versus Independent Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Stephan Schwartz Smith Stephan A. Schwartz

Opening to the Infinite

Abstract & Biography

Nick Seferlis Nick Seferlis

Healing, Intuition and Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Paul Smith Paul H. Smith

Searching, Finding, Locating: The Shotgun Wedding Between Dowsing and Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Jessica Utts Jessica Utts, Ph.D.

Arguing Towards the Truth - How Controversy Helps Science Progress: Two Case Studies from the Science of Human Consciousness

Abstract & Biography

Glenn Wheaton Glenn B. Wheaton

Panel Discussion:
A Remote Viewer's Code of Ethics

Abstract & Biography

Panel Discussion: A Remote Viewer's Code of Ethics

Dick Allgire (Moderator)
Lyn Buchanan
Pam Coronado
Marty Rosenblatt
Paul H. Smith
Glenn B. Wheaton

Outbounder Remote Viewing Experiment

Guided by Paul H. Smith