IRVA 2004 Remote Viewing Conference

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Keynote and Invited Speakers:

Ingo Swann
Ingo Swann

A Conversation with
Ingo Swann

Abstract & Biography

Distinguished Speakers (in alphabetical order)

John B. Alexander, Ph.D.John B. Alexander, Ph.D.

Stepping Back:
Discovering the Nature of Phenomenology

Abstract & Biography

Dick AllgireDick Allgire

A Demonstration of Consensus Analysis and Reduction of Remote Viewing Data

Abstract & Biography

Daryl Bem, Ph.D.Daryl Bem, Ph.D.

Valid and Fraudulent Claims for ESP: How Can We Tell the Difference?

Recent Experimental Evidence for Precognition

Abstract & Biography

Lyn Buchanan Leonard (Lyn) Buchanan

It's About Time

Abstract & Biography

Pam CoronadoPam Coronado

Remote Viewing High Profile Crime Cases

Abstract & Biography

Carol Ann LiarosCarol Ann Liaros

Project Blind Awareness:
A Humanitarian Application of Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Melodie Kleiman, J.D.Melodie Kleiman, J.D.

Remote Viewing as Part of Healing by Utilizing the Whole Human Consciousness

Abstract & Biography

Patrick MarsolekPatrick Marsolek

Remote Viewing as an Awareness Practice

Abstract & Biography

Melvin Morse, M.D.Melvin Morse, M.D.

Near Death Experiences and Remote Viewing:
Evidence That Our Minds Are Biologically Linked to the Universe

Abstract & Biography

Bill RayBill Ray

Master of Ceremonies

Abstract & Biography

Marty RosenblattMarty Rosenblatt

Precognition Applications and Free Will

Abstract & Biography

Stephan SchwartzStephan A. Schwartz

Explorations with Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Nick Seferlis Nick Seferlis

Remote Viewing and Intuitive Healing

Abstract & Biography

Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.

Predictions? What's The Point?

Abstract & Biography

Paul H. Smith Paul H. Smith

The Smoking Gun:
Extraordinary Claims vs. Exceptional Proof

Abstract & Biography

Russell TargRussell Targ

Why Bother with ESP?

Abstract & Biography

Simon TurnbullSimon Turnbull

The Future of Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography