IRVA 2002 Remote Viewing Conference

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Keynote Speaker:

Ingo Swann
Ingo Swann

Expanding the Information Base About Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Distinguished Speakers (in alphabetical order)

John B. Alexander, Ph.D.John B. Alexander, Ph.D.

The Ultimate Conspiracy

Abstract & Biography

F. Holmes (Skip) AtwaterF. Holmes (Skip) Atwater

The Role of the Monitor in Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Cleve BacksterCleve Backster

Hypnosis Experiments Involving a Practice Similar to Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Lyn Buchanan Leonard (Lyn) Buchanan

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:
Scoring Remote Viewing Sessions

Abstract & Biography

Prudence CalabresePrudence Calabrese

Remote Diagnosis and Healing

Abstract & Biography

Wayne Carr, Ph.D>Wayne Carr, Ph.D.

Remote Viewing Group Processes, Perceptual Processes and Other Learning Techniques

Abstract & Biography

Pam CoronadoPam Coronado

Operational Remote Viewers vs Psychic Detectives:
What's the difference and who's more effective?

Abstract & Biography

Dale E. GraffDale E. Graff

Discovering RV at FTD Recent Intercontinental Distance RV and Psi Dream Experiments Illusions as Psi Targets

Abstract & Biography

Kent D. JohnsonKent D. Johnson

Master of Ceremonies

Abstract & Biography

Hal Puthoff, Ph.D.Hal Puthoff, Ph.D.

Remote Viewing: Classified Beginnings

Abstract & Biography

Mel RileyMel Riley

'Remote Viewing' and the American Indian:
an Historical Overview

Abstract & Biography

Marty RosenblattMarty Rosenblatt

ARV, Precognition, and What We Learned from our Five Protocols

Abstract & Biography

Stephan SchwartzStephan A. Schwartz

Through Time and Space:
The History and Science of Remote Viewing

Abstract & Biography

Nick Seferlis Nick Seferlis

Remote Viewing, Remote Healing, and the Life Force

Abstract & Biography

Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.

Thinking Outside the Box:
Remote Viewing as an Intelligence Gathering Tool -- Post 9/11 Applications

Abstract & Biography

Paul H. Smith Paul H. Smith

Oerational Failure:
Why it's hard for an operational RVer to remote view photos -- and what you can do about it

Abstract & Biography

Russell TargRussell Targ

The Real "Real X-Files":
Remote viewing at Stanford Research Institute

Abstract & Biography