50 Years by Jana Rogge

50 Years Remote Viewing History by Hal Puthoff
50 Years After by Russell Targ
50 Year History Of Applied Rv Projects by D. L. Katz
Can We Heal The Earth With Intuition? J. Mossbridge & J. Vivanco
IRVA Research Unit (IRU) by D. L. Katz
ARV time delay and judging protocols by Teresa Fendley and Tom Atwater.

Fragments of the Book Anomalies by Sandra Hilleard
The Windy Song – A Story of Reincarnation by Ingo Swann
Penetration Special Edition – Updated by Ingo Swann
The Foundations Of Controlled Remote Viewing – Editors: T. McNear, P. Smith

The 2021 IRVA Remote Viewing Conference by Vance West

A Letter From The President by Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D.
IRVA Officer’s Messages by Dale E. Graff , John Cook and Pam Coronado
The Ingo Swann Research Fellowship 2022 – Blynne Olivieri
2021 Warcollier Prize Winner